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János Gömöri

János lives in Budapest. He is interested in music, history, coding and linguistics.

About János Gömöri

János lives in Budapest. He is interested in music, history, coding and linguistics.

Here are my most recent posts


2014 Festival calendar

By János Gömöri / 2014-05-29

June is almost here and some music festivals start off in a couple of weeks. Let’s see what we have this summer in Eastern Europe! June Our first picks from the end of June are three great festivals, with each having a different focus: the first one is a medium sized festival for electronic music, Croatian INmusic […]


Hippies against Soviet Russia

By János Gömöri / 2014-05-07

Have you ever dreamed about the hippie era in the US, regretting that you were not there? While hippies do still exist, part of the appeal I think is its magnitude: a huge number of like-minded individuals coming together, connected by their ideals and the contempt by the government. Well, in Eastern Europe many events […]


Eastern European success at European Festival Awards, 2013

By János Gömöri / 2014-01-17

Winners of the European festival awards 2013 were revealed yesterday. Eastern European festivals won 3 awards! Best small festival: FUSION, Romania, best new festival: B.my.Lake, Hungary and the best major festival: EXIT, Serbia! The winners were decided by a combination of public votes and the EFA jury – made up of journalists, booking agents, festival organisers […]


Prague, the city of weird statues

By János Gömöri / 2014-01-13

What’s the best known place with weird statues and art? Probably the Vigeland park in Norway or the Denver airport. In Eastern Europe, Prague offers a lot of diverse weird statues, all thanks to one man, David Černý. This is not to say that there are no other weird Eastern European statues. There is a […]


Axe Apollo Space Academy

By János Gömöri / 2013-12-03

The final round of Axe’s space program starts this week where the winner will fly to space. Get to know some of the Eastern European contenders! When it comes to space, Russians were first in a lot of things: First man in space? Russian Yuri Gagarin First woman in space? Russian Valentina Tereshkova First space […]


Tennis classics 2013, Budapest

By János Gömöri / 2013-11-14

One returning and five new tennis stars…Tennis classics in Budapest again on December 3! Pat Rafter Source Australian former world number 1 with 11 career titles. Winner at US Open twice (1997, 1998) and runner-up twice at Wimbledon (2000, 2001). Excellent serve-and-volley player. Inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the Sport Australia […]


Sziget of the 19th century: Constantinople in Budapest

By János Gömöri / 2013-09-16

BME Egyetemi Napok festival kicks off today on the campus between Petőfi and Rákóczi bridges. While the area has a lot of university buildings today, for most of its history it used to be a desolate marshland, then was under water, and then became “Constantinople in Budapest“, the world’s largest entertainment district in its time, an […]


Sziget freedom

By János Gömöri / 2013-08-20

Sziget, as you might already know, is the island of freedom. The entry, of course, is not free. The food is not free. Drinks are not free. And no free beer. All of these things are pretty expensive for the average Eastern European actually. What sort of freedom does Sziget offer then? For example you […]


Fezen 2013

By János Gömöri / 2013-08-11

I couldn’t help comparing Fezen to VOLT at first, and Fezen seemed very small and even desolate on the first day early in the afternoon (called day 0 here). But on Satur-(Deep Purple)-day the place was teeming with people. Another difference is that when there aren’t any concerts yet or when there isn’t a concert you’re […]


Off to Off in August

By János Gömöri / 2013-07-29

If you really want to go to some music festival, but Fezen didn’t impress you, go to Poland! Off festival in Katowice will be held August 1-4. Off festival started in 2006, and it was originally in Mysłowice but it moved to Katowice in 2010. It won the European Festival Award for Best Medium-Sized Festival […]

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