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About the author

Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

About Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

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Boya drawing tool

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-12-18

Boya are crayons of a sort. What is so special about crayons, you must be asking yourself…Well, first of all, they are Croatian made, which in itself is a bit plus in my book. On a serious note though, BOYA is really cool. It started with a concept by Maja Mesić, Croatian product designer. Maja’s […]


Spotted in Budapest: Sled Christmas Tree

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-12-15

Hello Wood stacked 365 wooden sleds to form a Christmas tree in front of Palace of Arts in Budapest. Once the tree is dismantled each sled will go to a child in need at SOS Children’s Villages,.  The tree is 11 meters tall and from the inside if you look up it looks like a […]


Macedonian Daniel Merriweather

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-27

They say there is no person in Macedonia that doesn’t sing well. If, by some strange coincidence, it happens that a Macedonian person sings off key, they arrest them and take away their citizenship:) Hear Daniel Kajmakoski singing Daniel Merriweather’s Red on X Factor Adria audition:  


Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts 30 Squats As Payment

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-13

As a way exercise and the 2014 Olympics, Olympic Changes installed a very special ticket machine at one of Moscow’s subway stations. Instead of accepting money ticket machine only accepted 30 squats as means of payment. Would you do squats for free tickets? What do you think of the idea?


The Priest’s Children nominated for European Film Awards

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-11

Controversial Croatian movie The Priest’s Children (Svećenikova djeca) where ”motivated by desire for demographic renewal, Don Fabijan, a young priest on a Dalmatian island starts secretly puncturing all the packaged condoms before they are sold. He is soon joined by the local god-fearing newsstand salesman and the mad pharmacist, and they practically abolish all contraception […]


Interview with creators of Czesiociuch – Polish kids clothes label

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-05

Czesiociuch is a Polish kids fashion label based in Warsaw. The concept they represent is simple yet interesting and powerful. I love the unisex/gender free approach just as it is, but the social agenda behind it reflecting taboos still existing in Poland makes it even more special. Products of Czesiociuch are entirely made ​​in Poland, […]


MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Accessories Award 2014 Callout

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-04

After the successful participation of Eastern European Fashion in MUUSE x Vogue Talents Awards I feel this deserves a shout out! Do you have what it takes to become the Next Fashion Design Star? Enter your collection before December 18th 2013 to be considered for the 2014 MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Accessories […]


Predjama, the haunted Castle

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-10-30

Everyone who visits Postojna Cave should visit  the Predjama Castle (Predjamski grad) meaning the castle in front of the cave. There are castles and there are castles, if you know what I mean. Some castles are magnificent and boringly beautiful. Predjama Castle on the other hand gets more fascinating with every step you make in […]


Day trip to eternity: Postojna, Slovenia

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-10-29

Just about everyone I know that went to school in Ex Yugoslavia, took a trip to Postojnska jama (Postojna Cave) at least once. Why I am the only person from that era who’s never been there is beyond me. Several years back billboards showed up in Selce (Croatia) where we summer, advertizing Postojnska jama and […]

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