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Boya drawing tool

Boya are crayons of a sort. What is so special about crayons, you must be asking yourself…Well, first of all, they are Croatian made, which in itself is a bit plus in my book. On a serious note though, BOYA is really cool. It started with a concept by Maja Mesić, Croatian product designer. Maja’s main focus is on interaction of user and object. User needs, ergonomics, and function are very important to her, and for all that incorporated in BOYA she got a Red Dot award in concept category in 2008. It took years to get from that stage, to the stage of a product, but from 2012 Boya is available for your enjoyment too.



What is special about Boya compared to other crayons is it’s shape, which doesn’t have the restrictive form of pencil-shaped drawing tools. It allows for free wrist movement and more expressive approach to drawing. It is also made of a special substance that does not leave marks on your hands.




Why Boya crayons are good for your kids?

Creativity and curiosity are important and need to be encouraged and developed. The shape of Boya crayons evoke curiosity in children, after that it is finding the solution which leads to creative results. Even very small children who can not yet hold a pencil properly can scribble with Boya, because it draws whichever direction you turn it. AND, no need for a sharpener!

boya_09 boya_15_A5

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