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Butchers Festival in Budapest

Butchers Festival Budapest

Budapest loves festivals and festivals love Budapest. Every year we get at least one ‘1st’ festival that is sure to continue for many years to come. In 2012 it was the Bread and Pastry festival. Now, at the very beginning of 2013, to warm us up for the Mangalitsa festival in February (where we get to meet the genuine Hungarian, curly haired, low cholesterol pig) here comes the Butchers Festival, the first. Promoted with a slogan “pork cheese+ jazz+mulled wine+disco” it is bound to be loads of fun.

When: Jan 25-27, 2013

Where: Budapest, Hungary – Millenaris

Applications are still accepted for the Sausage eating contest that will take place on Sunday, Jan 27th- sausage, mustard, bread, 2 pints of beer, table, chair and cutlery will be provided in exchange for the 2000 Ft application fee payable upon arrival.


Butchers Festival Budapest


Spoiler alert: Pig slaughter is on the agenda very early in the morning on the second day of the festival.

I might deliberately miss that, but I wouldn’t miss butchers running holding their clever and wearing aprons in the Butchers race on Sunday.

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