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By Viktoria Knoblauh / 2014-06-18

Summer music festivals in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia are the real deal if you want to rock your festival fashion right. Sun and beach are all inclusive and even if you are a bit unlucky to catch a slightly less than perfect hot summer day like I had on Day 1 at Balatonsound last summer, […]


2014 Festival calendar

By János Gömöri / 2014-05-29

June is almost here and some music festivals start off in a couple of weeks. Let’s see what we have this summer in Eastern Europe! June Our first picks from the end of June are three great festivals, with each having a different focus: the first one is a medium sized festival for electronic music, Croatian INmusic […]


Hippies against Soviet Russia

By János Gömöri / 2014-05-07

Have you ever dreamed about the hippie era in the US, regretting that you were not there? While hippies do still exist, part of the appeal I think is its magnitude: a huge number of like-minded individuals coming together, connected by their ideals and the contempt by the government. Well, in Eastern Europe many events […]


Eastern European success at European Festival Awards, 2013

By János Gömöri / 2014-01-17

Winners of the European festival awards 2013 were revealed yesterday. Eastern European festivals won 3 awards! Best small festival: FUSION, Romania, best new festival:, Hungary and the best major festival: EXIT, Serbia! The winners were decided by a combination of public votes and the EFA jury – made up of journalists, booking agents, festival organisers […]


Banned Books Week 2013

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-09-23

Banned Books Week was launched in 1982, it is the American book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country (and internationally) draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events. The 2013 celebration of Banned Books […]


Sziget of the 19th century: Constantinople in Budapest

By János Gömöri / 2013-09-16

BME Egyetemi Napok festival kicks off today on the campus between Petőfi and Rákóczi bridges. While the area has a lot of university buildings today, for most of its history it used to be a desolate marshland, then was under water, and then became “Constantinople in Budapest“, the world’s largest entertainment district in its time, an […]


Soon: Sziget 2013

By János Gömöri / 2013-07-19

Sziget 2013 – Island of Freedom One of the big three remains: Sziget festival itself. After extremely succesful VOLT and Balatonsound, Sziget festival will be 5-12 August at the usual place. This year, Sziget festival’s slogan is that it is a separate country. This „Island of Freedom” is a „democratic republic without a leader, where […]


Volt 2013

By János Gömöri / 2013-07-11

Like any festival, Volt 2013 was not without problems. The place proved small at times; it was difficult to move on the main roads (especially if multiple events ended at the same time and on the most popular day, Saturday) and there were long queues everywhere – for drinks, for toilet, for topping up the […]


Bird’s-eye View: Siófok-Kiliti

By Vanja Šiljak / 2013-07-02

Hi guys, I am here to introduce you to the world above the ground. I’ll be showing you my travels from a different perspective. The first one in the series is Siófok, Hungary. Photos you will see below are from the annual Freefly Meet which took place on Siófok-Kiliti DZ, Hungary from 22-30th of June! […]


10th International Pančevo Carnival

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-06-24

Although we are way past our standard carnival season, winter is gone and forgotten, Pančevo (Serbia) has it’s carnival in June, when it opens the city gate for the International Pančevo Carnival. The key of the city it  symbolically handed over to the Maestro of the carnival and to the carnivalists. This video was sent […]

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