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SKUNK ANANSIE on Schengenfest

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-05-30

Just when I think we’ve mentioned all the festivals going on in the region, being in unusual places or just your regular summer festivals another one pops into my inbox – SCHENGENFEST. Promoted as Festival of music, sun and fun, bigger and sexier each year, Schengenfest takes place on Kupa river bank on the border […]


Esben and The Witch at the best club in the world

By Marko / 2013-05-25

When you visit  Budapest, you must check out  A38. This cultural venue is placed on the Danube river next to Petőfi bridge and used to be a Ukrainian stone carrier ship.  This magnificent 3-floor ship construction provides culture, fun and audio pleasure at all levels.  At its top lies the roof with the bar and […]


Ray Manzarek Dead at 74 So Lets Try to Set the Night on Fire!

By Nenad Andricsek / 2013-05-22

If there was anything I remember from my High School years, its not the Scrhöedinger equation. Not the Theory of Relativity nor Integral Calculus and yes, the “machine” forced us to learn all that. All I remember is that I wanted to be Tom Cruise from  Top Gun (that might have been Junior High), and […]



By Viktoria Knoblauh / 2013-05-20

Head East for the best music festival experience at  Balatonsound , Sziget, Exit , Hideout or Soundwave Croatia Beaches, islands, sun and hot temperatures, beautiful people and a great line up of international acts–these are the things of the best music festivals now and most of them happen to be Eastern European. All in countries […]


Summer Music Festival News – 2013

By János Gömöri / 2013-05-09

Summer is almost here, but new performers are still announced for this year’s festivals. Volt, Balaton Sound and Sziget Photo by tutuka Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Hurts and Thirty Seconds to Mars will be performing at Volt festival. This will be in Sopron between the 3rd and the 6th of July. Other awaited artists that we have […]


Depeche Mode Fan Exhibition

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-04-12

  Electronic Beats are are calling all Depeche Mode fans to take part in a unique and groundbreaking Fan Exhibition which will complement this summer’s tour. Fans can submit memorabilia, zines, and fan art; a team of curators will be reviewing all suggested exhibits and selecting five fans who will not only see their submissions […]


Sziget & co. 2013 news

By János Gömöri / 2013-04-07

Updated Latest News on Lineups and other stuff, go to this post here! Since our last post about music festivals, quite a few artists have been announced. This time we will look at what Sziget and its brother festivals Volt and Balaton Sound have to offer this year. If any of these is a “must-see” for you, you may want to […]


Music Festivals in Unusual Places

By János Gömöri / 2013-03-07

For Updated Latest News on 2013 Music Festival Lineups and other stuff, go to this post here! Thanks to our carnivals General Winter will soon surrender. And with good weather comes great music festivals. What bands will play where is not 100% confirmed yet, so I decided to collect festivals that are held in somewhat unusual places. […]


Best of Eurovision Eastern European style

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-01-29

Eurovision is one of the oldest running television-programs, existing since 1956. It is, according to Wikipedia “one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world”. It is also one of the most ridiculously funny serious events that ever existed. It did launch 2-3 super stars, like Abba or Celine Dion, but apart from that […]


Idol of the X-Factor Voice of Eastern Europe

By Nenad Andricsek / 2013-01-15

Every time I think of these singing competitions, the “Ken Lee” girl from Bulgaria pops into my mind. Her funny performance has made an impact that I can’t really forget. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you’re either too young or live too far away, so here is a Youtube Video […]

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