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Yugoslavia on Jimmy Fallon’s #MisheardLyrics

By Petra Tkalcec / 2015-03-05

There is this thing on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show twitter page, where every Wednesday he sends a hashtag in the middle of the day and people are supposed to tweet anything connected to that hashtag. When #MisheardLyrics was a theme everything is funny until this tweet is mentioned: “If you start me up” by […]


The Priest’s Children nominated for European Film Awards

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-11-11

Controversial Croatian movie The Priest’s Children (Svećenikova djeca) where ”motivated by desire for demographic renewal, Don Fabijan, a young priest on a Dalmatian island starts secretly puncturing all the packaged condoms before they are sold. He is soon joined by the local god-fearing newsstand salesman and the mad pharmacist, and they practically abolish all contraception […]


Cartoon d’Or 2013

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-07-24

The pan-European award for the best animated short film Cartoon d’Or rewards each the best European shirt animation among the prize-winning films from the major European festivals. That being said, only the best of the best are there. Although none of the six animated fils selected by the jury composed of producer Didier Brunner from […]


5 Fantasy Scenes Stolen From Eastern European History

By János Gömöri / 2013-06-17

In a previous post we looked at the Top 5 badass Eastern European villains in TV-shows. In this post we will look at scenes from fantasy films that are more or less similar to some Eastern European events/places. [box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” ]The following post contains spoilers from The Lord of the Rings and Game of […]


Top 5 Badass Eastern European Villains in TV-Shows

By Nenad Andricsek / 2013-05-12

Okay I have a confession to make. I’m a huge-huge Couch-Potato. I work in my couch, eat in it, and mostly, watch a lot of movies and TV-Shows from it. People say its the Highway to Hell of Obesity, Laziness and Stupidity: they say watching TV makes you stupid, because you could spend that time […]