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Yet another Michelin star in Budapest

By Petra Tkalcec / 2015-03-10

According to the recent press release Budapest gained another Michelin star restaurant this year. The newest addition is the 12th district Tanti restaurant. To recap, the first restaurant in Hungary to earn a Michelin-star, and the second in the central and Eastern European region after Prague’s Allegro was Costes, a restaurant located in Budapest downtown. This […]


Maglyarakas – traditional Hungarian bread and butter pudding

By Anikó Takács / 2014-01-16

Not the simplest of deserts, but Maglyarakas (Máglyarakás) is by far the best use of leftover bread ever. Maglyarakas is a layered cake symbolically called Bonfire cake (máglya meaning bonfire in Hungarian) Ingredients: 5-6 slices a few days-old brioche slices 200 ml full fat milk 3 eggs (separated) 6 tbsp sugar 1 vanilla pod half […]


Plum and walnut muffins

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-10-23

Muffins are my favorite baking. Easy, quick and versatile. You can make them fruity, chocolaty, or just plain sugar ones, but autumn is perfect for autumn-fruit ones. If you’ve had enough of eating plums on their own, use them in this easy and delish muffins.   You will need: 125 g butter 100 g brown […]


Winekitchen Budapest restaurant review

By Anikó Takács / 2013-10-02

In the heart of Budapest, where the city is full of tourists all day long, very close to Bazilika, life is colorful and exciting. Along the historical streets all kind of restaurants and cafes are inviting the tired, thirsty and hungry guests to have some refreshments. But if You would like to taste not just […]


Pear and Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

By Anikó Takács / 2013-09-22

Pudding for many of us from in Eastern Europe means an instant desert cooked in milk and chilled, but pudding can be many things… Bread and butter pudding is quite a British dessert and no doubt the best way to turn the leftover brioche or bread slices into a treat under 30 minutes. Chocolate and […]


There is this restaurant ”MOM TOLD ME” about

By Anikó Takács / 2013-08-18

If you live in Hungary and you are in the know when top restaurants are concerned, I am sure you know Anyukám Mondta(translates as Mum told me) Restaurant in Encs. Encs is a tiny town in Northern Hungary, about 3-3,5 hours drive from Budapest on M3 highway.  Once you’ve reached the town and looked around […]


No fuss Chicken paprikash recipe

By Anikó Takács / 2013-07-18

Here is the recipe from Kiddies Kitchen Summer Edition! Traditional chicken paprikash is made on the hob (not in the oven) but for no fuss version it is easier to bake it in the oven because then you don’t have to stir it all the time.Serves 4Ingredients: 6 chicken wings or thighs (according to your […]


Strawberry Slatko with anise and cinnamon

By Olivera Senić / 2013-07-03

Slatko (Serbian for “sweet”) is a preserve made of different types of fruit, mostly characteristic of Serbian, but also Bulgarian, Greek and Jewish cuisines. The fruits are kept whole in thick and sweet syrup. When I say sweet I mean reeeeally sweet….killer sweet. It was a tradition to welcome guests with a spoonful of slatko […]


Easy cherry compote with mint and lemon balm

By Tünde Ugrai-Nagy / 2013-06-18

The mint and the lemon balm in my garden have grown huge. I have so much I don’t know what to do with it. I put them into tea, lemonade, jam…everything! But there’s always more. My latest invention is to put it into compote. I’m not a huge fan of compote but mint and lemon […]

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