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Will Jon Stuart (aka Stewart) hire Ivan Šarić?

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-04-04

I wouldn’t be a Croatian (or a f***ing Ninja) with an online magazine, if I didn’t post this: JON STUART, HIRE IVAN ŠARIĆ! Although I myself swear by Stephen Colbert and his Colbert report, where Šarić as the self proclaimed Jedi he is would fit in properly, Jon Stuart will do too. Ivan Šarić is […]


Albert Einstein Celebrity Scientis with Serbian Wife

By Nenad Andricsek / 2013-04-02

If Albert Einstein was living in todays world, boy, would the Press have fun with him. He wouldn’t have been the Person of the Century (as he was named by Time Magazine in 1999.) rather just another celebrity scientist with a dark past and a scandalous present. “The First Scientists Celebrity Couple No One Knew About” […]


Raising (non)cultured kids

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-03-12

I am a mom. Of two boys. They attend Hungarian kindergarten, speak Croatian with me, Serbian with their dad, German with their babysitter and watch cartoons in English. I teach my little one sign language, the same as I did with the older one. Both of them signed ‘banana’ first – quite a complicated sign, […]


Obscure Croatian photographer shoots with a pack of cigarettes, and processes in coffee

By Lana Petrak / 2013-02-07

Interview with Hrvoje Spudić Croatian photographer Hrvoje Spudić developed an interest in photography sometime between high school and university. However, it was only after he started studying architecture that things got really serious. He started experimenting with film development and making simple cameras like the one that is going to be exhibited on this year’s […]



By Viktoria Knoblauh / 2013-02-05

Slavic names hype amongst Celebrities Only a few weeks before 22nd January, when Shakira announced the birth of her baby boy Milan, I was discussing names with my sisters. As a happy coincidence (neither of us were aware of Shakira’s baby name choice), my sister was convincing me that a Milan, a common name in […]


Google Slavonia for Alphabet

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-01-30

  Vladimir Živković from Osijek, Croatia made a typography poster using Google Earth images of a region in east Croatia – Slavonia. What an idea!   Check out Vladimir’s other projects here. Know of anything similarly interesting? Give us a lead, let us know! We’d love to check it out!


Mpemba WHAT? Hot Ice?

By Petra Tkalcec / 2013-01-22

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of hot water freezing quicker than cold water? I haven’t, but apparently it does. And there is a name for it, The Mpemba effect! The phenomenon mentioned as early as 4th century BC by Aristotle was brought back to the scientific table in early 1960s, when a Tanzanian […]

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