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Central European Fashion
Central European Fashion Days is a new initiative powered by Design Terminal, and it has its origins in the ‘Gombold újra!’ (Re-button) project, which aimed at promoting Hungarian designers. The popularity of that event made the organizers  broaden its scope, which is how the concept of Central European Fashion Days came to be.
The most talented designers from the ‘Visegrád Group’: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary will get a chance to showcase their work on a platform to which international buyers and managers of concept stores and showrooms are invited.


In addition to a fashion show featuring the best Central European designers, there will be a conference and a design fair, as well as a unique fashion show featuring the best entries of this year’s ‘Gombold újra!’ competition. The aim of the competition is to create high-quality clothes inspired by Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian traditions and cultural values. Young designers could participate by creating a collection of five pieces (clothes or accessories) inspired by PHISICAL AND NATURAL HERITAGE: architecture, fashion, landscape (e.g. Carpathians), nature (e.g. the Danube), etc. INTELLECTUAL HERITAGE: historical background, arts – literature, film, animation,graphic design, etc. -, common generational and cultural memories, etc. An extensive Pinterest board wass put at the candidates’ disposal to inspire them.

In 2013, the competition is unfortunately open only to Hungarian citizens or companies based in Hungary, but the ultimate goal is to open it to others too.

Program Central European Fashion Days will be as follows:

7 JUNE 2013 / A38 SHIP
VIP fashion night
1. Fashion show featuring the 2013/2014 AW collections of the best guest designers from the Central European region: Zuzana Kubíčková, CZ; SISTERCONSPIRACY, CZ; Hana Zárubová, CZ; Konsanszky, HU; Nubu, HU; Dori Tomcsányi, HU; Artista, HU, USE unused, HU, Anda HU, Anh Tuan, HU; Marcel Holubec, SK; Libor Komosny, SK; Justyna Chrabelska, PL; Paprocki & Brzozowski, PL; Gosia Baczynska, PL
2. Fashion show featuring the competition’s best entries
3.Fashion show featuring 2013 SS collections from past participants in ’Gombold újra!’ competition 1.0 and 2.0
4. Additional programs – Pop-up store, exhibition featuring the best accessories of the competition, fashion conference
Showroom for international buyers, B2B meetings


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