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Easy cherry compote with mint and lemon balm

The mint and the lemon balm in my garden have grown huge. I have so much I don’t know what to do with it. I put them into tea, lemonade, jam…everything! But there’s always more. My latest invention is to put it into compote. I’m not a huge fan of compote but mint and lemon balm really make a difference! They give the compote fantastic flavor.

They say 2013 was not that great for cherries, but if you are lucky enough and can spare a kilo or two, try this compote!




1 kg cherry
1.2 l water
30 dkg sugar
1 large bunch of mint
1 large bunch of lemon balm

First phase: boil water with the sugar, then put in the mint and the lemon balm and let it cool. Once cool, filter it and bring it to boil again.
Second phase: wash and stem the cherries, then put them in sterilized jars and pour the syrup on top of them. Seal the jars and wrap them in old newspapers and textiles (blankets, duvets, etc.) so that it cools slowly.
And that’s it!

This recipe was originally published in Hungarian on Ízbolygó.

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Tünde Ugrai-Nagy

Tünde is a 35 years old wife and mother, who loves her family, children, good food and beautiful wines. She is gastroblogger on Ízbolygó.

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