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Croatian bands conquering the world

Living and trying to prosper in a small country, especially in a profession that is highly dependable on the public and the number of people you can ‘sell’ your product to is tough. We already voiced this phenomenon when we wrote about Eastern European talent shows some months back. Nenad said:” We Europeans actually do have a great voice. We know how to sing and we do it with passion. Problem is, each country here has its own show so the number of people competing and the target audience is pretty small.” However, when a band from a small country like Croatia breaks thru to the big world, it is a BIG DEAL.


Concept Farm advertising agency came across Lollobrigida (you may remember them from our Summer Interview Series) on the internet is seems, and their ‘Ex Girlfriend’ number now serves as background music for one of the four promo videos of the NY fashion brand Century 21.

and the original video

Going a little further back to the beginning of September when episode Rabid Dog, the final episode of the 5th season of popular TV series Breaking Bad went on air, we need to mention Bambi Molesters.

Song Chaotica from their ancient (2001) album ‘Sonic Bullets: 13 From the Hip’  (which got great reviews since the beginning) is featured in the episode.


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