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Dancing everywhere AND ANYWHERE in Bucharest, with Dani Ionita

I have a new favorite person!


Dani Ionita is Bucharest born and raised graphic designer and freelance photographer who in September 2011 (yes, some great things also happened at that time) dreamed up a beautiful thing and decided not to leave it at that. He takes photos of professional dancers in most unusual (or common) place: busy street, restaurant table, the woods…

Dancing Bucharest is an independent project with no other aim, than to make this world happier and more beautiful.  I am head over heals in love with Dancing Bucharest,  every time a new photo pops out on Dancing Bucharest facebook page I have to go and see more. And then I want to dance …like nobody is watching.

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Paul Dunca

What is Dancing Bucharest?

It’s a photo-collection of dancers living and working in Bucharest. I take all the photos, and the dancers are friends of mine. We know each other from the shows where I go for still-photography. The project is independent, nobody gives money for the photo sessions. I don’t have deadlines and I hope will last many years.

So what happened after that night in September 2011 when you dreamed up Dancing Bucharest. How did you start?

One night the idea came, and the next day I started to contacting the dancers. It was easy because we are friends, and they responded positively to my initiative. Urban dancing in Bucharest. Satisfacton was when I published the photos. People really enjoy it, and they make me to do more, to extend the project.

Andreea Andronic & Paul Dunca

Andreea Andronic & Paul Dunca

Where do you  find inspiration?

I’m inspired by movies, music, paintings, design…

And what is with your fascination with dancing/dancers?

Well, I’m not a good dancer, I’m quite shy when it comes to to dancing in public, but I love to capture moments of people dancing in unconventional/crazy places.


Arcadie Rusu

Is Bucharest as a city an important backdrop for you, or could it be any urban surroundings?

Well, it could also be other surroundings but Bucharest is the biggest city, with a lot of diversity and this is important for me. The bigger the city is, the better.

Do you repeat locations or is it always a different one?

I don’t repeat locations. It’s a big town and I always find new and nice places.

Do you have a favorite shooting spot?

Yes, I have some favorite places. Some passages, a restaurant, minimal places, with no cars and people. I like simple shots.

Is there a place you dream of taking photos at but still haven’t gotten around to it? Why?

I have some locations where I have not been yet, but in near future I hope I will test them. I don’t have a deadline and nobody is rushing me.

1ioana marchidan4

Ioana Marchidan


Andrea Gavriliu

If a tourist came to Budapest and wanted to do a ‘Dancing Bucharest’ type of photo, where would you suggest them to go?

If a tourist come to Bucharest, I would suggest to visit the botanical garden. It’s my favorite place in Bucharest.


Raluca Manescu


Judith State


Alina Iorgulescu


Galea Bobeicu


Diana Ferencz


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