Eastern European fashion in MUUSE Finals

I am happy to announce my predictions totally worked. VOGUE TALENTS’ Senior Fashion Editor Sara Maino has selected the 10 finalists of the MUUSE X Vogue Talents Awards, and 6 of them are ‘our people’!

To remind you, winner receives:

A feature in the VOGUE TALENTS.
A capsule collection produced and sold by MUUSE in their own name.
A feature in Vogue Italia print edition with MUUSE capsule collection.
A designer portfolio om MUUSE.com.
MUUSE Tailor support to produce custom pieces.
It is again the public who will decide on the one and only winner, so cast your votes here.
And the finalists are:
Ieva Daugirdaite

Ieva Daugirdaite, Lithuania

Mathilde Maalouf from Denmark 

Davide Ercolani from Italy 

Lina Michal from Sweden 

Claudia Ligari from Italy

Dora Abodi

Dora Abodi, , Hungary

Peter Movrin was a surprise to me, not because of his designing abilities, but because I don’t recall seeing him in the semi-finalist selection.






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