Let’s stop environment destruction

Whether you believe in the human cause of global warming or you are a skeptic, really makes no difference. The plain and simple truth is that slowly we are killing our own life support system through our continued and blatant disregard for the environment.

We have technology and intelligence to take other courses of action that would harmonize humanity with the planetary systems, but instead, as a species, we continue to destroy and to create inorganic (unnatural) substances. How can we knowingly continue the destruction of the planet Eco-system and ourselves? Money. Greed. And pure, unadulterated, selfishness. Care for the environment starts with you. Respect for the environment begins with you. In your actions, how you chose to live. There are other ways. There is something that you can do. Look around your own neighborhood and ask yourself this: when did I last pick up litter, or did I say to myself it’s not my job? It is your job. If each of us begins to do this, we can change. Like a wave that will sweep across the land. An army for good. We can change society. We can change our culture. All we have to do is begin with ourselves. Make respect and care part of our society again, like it always used to be. To be expected, not to be laughed at and thought of as odd. We must turn this around. We must make a stand. We must fight. I do, do you?

About the author

Andy Smith

In 2005, Andrew took the courageous step to realize his dreams, a journey that is driven by the pursuit of his personal philosophy, which is to always follow your heart. He currently resides in Costa Rica, where he works full-time as a scuba diving instructor and continues to write in his spare time, while always maintaining his personal philosophy of following his own one true path. Follow his journey and find your own true path on his Walking One True Path blog

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