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Head East for the best music festival experience at  Balatonsound , Sziget, Exit , Hideout or Soundwave Croatia

Beaches, islands, sun and hot temperatures, beautiful people and a great line up of international acts–these are the things of the best music festivals now and most of them happen to be Eastern European.

All in countries which are geographically positioned next to each other – Hungary, Serbia and Croatia in South East Europe, music festivals like Sziget & Co, Exit, Hideout or Soundwave Croatia  are blessed with stunning scenery  and hot summer days and nights, embodying the essence of what a summer festival should be about. I think it is pretty much safe to say that even on a global level, they offer an unrivaled experience.

This summer I am heading to check out and review the music, fashion and vibe of  Balatonsound, on Zamárdi beach, Balaton Lake in Hungary which once was my teenage summer paradise. I used to imagine it was something like Hungarian California. These golden days of Balaton are gone but now resurrected with Balatonsound,  electronic music festival rocking it since 2007.

Balatonsound is the winner of the best Medium- Sized European Festival 2012 and the sister festival of the 2011 Major Festival winner Sziget in Budapest.   It has just also been announced that Balatonsound  is a bestseller – 4 days passes are now sold out  and only day passes are available, while the interest have doubled since last year.

One of the most appealing things for me, honestly is that around Balatonsound as well as all the above mentioned festivals you get the rare and perfect combination of breathtaking natural surroundings and close proximity to urban properties and amenities.

So, if you don’t really feel like roughing it in a tent, you can always rent a room, apartment or villa for reasonable price locally and do it in style, like a festival- goer superstar.

If you are a total music festival junkie, fell in love with one of these festivals or really adventurous, you can always do your own tailor made festival tour to visit several in the area this summer , simply jumping  on trains or buses to get from one to the other if you don’t drive:

Echo Festival ( Kanegra, Croatia)                 6-9      June

The Garden Festival  (Tisno, Croatia)        3-10   July

Hideout ( Zrce, Croatia)                                   3-5     July

Exit ( Novi Sad, Serbia)                                   10-14 July

Balatonsound (Zamardi, Hungary)            11-14  July

Ultra (Split and Hvar , Croatia)                   12-14 July

Electric Elephant (Tisno, Croatia)              11-17 July

Soundwave (Tisno, Croatia)                        18-22 July

SunceBeat     ( Tisno, Croatia)                     24-30 July

Love Week Festival (Zrce,Croatia)         27 Jul-3 Aug

Stop Making Sense ( Tisno, Croatia)         1-4th Aug

Sziget (Budapest, Hungary)                         5-12   Aug

The Unknown ( Rovinj, Croatia )              10- 14 Sep


Any drawbacks?

The only one I can think of, honestly , is that after attending one of these, you will never ever again want to settle for something like rolling in a mud of the likes of rainy Glastonbury. Unless torturing yourself like that is your idea of fun. Mine, it is definitely not.

So all you lucky people, see you at Balatonsound  11-14th July.



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About the author

Viktoria Knoblauh

Viktoria Knoblauh is a Hungarian-Croatian actress, singer and performance artist who lives in London but is originally from Vojvodina(Serbia), ex-Yugoslavia. In order to creatively channel her ever increasing information hoarding tendencies, she engages herself in writing articles about art, culture and fashion. Viktoria holds a degree in English from Joszef Attila University (Szeged , Hungary) as well as European Contemporary Theatre Arts and Performance from Rose Bruford Drama School , London. She also studied visual theatre and puppetry at Institute Del Theatro, Barcelona and at Lecoq physical theatre method based London International School of Performing Arts .In the past she worked in a wide range of different jobs including 5 years of interpreting in psychotherapy for rehabilitation of torture victims from war (UNHCR and Cordelia Foundation).

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