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With all this talk about festivals and crazy weather ranging from steaming hot to late fall cold nights I’ve been wandering about festival clothing and how all those festival goers deal with packing right, when I came across a Festival Hoodie.


Festival_Maroon_1 Festival_RED_fold

A festival hoodie seems to be a perfect choice for a mom like me too, who hates carrying a bag, and needs to run after two very fast boys. Numerous hidden pockets AND a possibility to fold into into a ‘bag’ to put on your back make it even more appealing.


Pair it up with clever shoes and you’re set to go.

Designed by Pinetime Clothing, a fairly recent Hungarian clothing brand, specializing in limited edition sportswear. With emphasis on comfort and practicality, simple color palette they are using (all my favorite colors) and a low key logo, I can totally see this as clothing of young urban people wanting a no-fuss, yet unique piece of clothing. The Festival Hoodie will only be available in ladies sizes next year, until then here are my favorite models.

Pinetime Gerilla_wtunnel bolero

To check them out for yourself, go to the shop or follow on facebook.




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