First Clever Shoes in the World by Pleasemachine

Clever shoes

The time has come, not only our phones and cameras are smart, it is the shoes too.

Technology developed by TOMeffect creative directors Tatjana Voronova, Ondřej Václavík and Mona Huber for Budapest based shoe manufactury Pleasemachine. ( Both Pleasemachine and Vaclavik are known to you EE readers from our Quirky Eastern Shoeurope piece.)

“We believe that in the future the portable objects will be a mirror of our personality. This is why our concept deals with the communication and interaction between the customers and the product during the shopping-experience! This way the personal relationship between customer and product can be achieved and enhanced.”

Clever boots

Colonel boots – the First Clever Boots on Earth


And what are clever shoes?

“Clever Shoes – the shoes that can express their story, possess and collect memories, serve their owner in socializing experience and even get him around theworld. The concept is based on the idea of creating High-End designer products with instantly accessible great creative value.” – says Anna Zaboeva, creative director and designer behind Pleasemachine.

Clever shoes

One-off shoes created with use of recycled vintage Dior neckerchief specially for the WIMA conference in Monaco. See video!

With help of “Clever Keys” developed for Pleasemachine by  Connectmesmart GmbH and powered by NFC tecnology these shoes story will be saved forever, starting from the designers idea and inspiration through the production all the way to information like size, materials, units quantity in the edition, the season, return polices and shoe care advices. The idea is to also keep the bills and warranties in your smart keys, instead of printing the, thus supporting the environment. Permanent keys are programmed in by Pleasemachine and permanent, but additional keys are provided that can be reprogrammed by the customer as they please, like a step counter, or a personalized message for a friend you bought the shoes for (if only I had friends who’d buy me shoes).

See the shoes in action, worn by Anna Zaboeva:


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