Guerilla wakeboarding in flooded Budapest

Even if it is a little bit disgusting (I mean entering that filthy water) and a lot dangerous, you have to give it to these guys, wakeboarding Danube with some help of a lawn mower motor.

You can find the English translation of my fav parts below the video.

1:09 Not sure we should do this…

1:25 Aren’t you freaked out that you can’t know what is under water?

We are a little freaked out…

2:05 Bence is looking for a starting point. He will probably set off from some garbage bin.

2:43 Where are you Bence? We can’t see you!

3:08 I jumped on a concrete bench…

3:38 My feet are to low and I can’t get up to the surface.

4:09 It was amazing! They way he jumped over that fence!

4:30 Technically this is nothing special, but it is quite a good feeling going places we normally can’t go.

5:35 Last year, or a year before we skimboarded in front of the Parliament and took some photos, but they sent us away almost immediately.

6:41 To be honest, I am not sure about this spot, there are to many question marks.

6:50 Tricky, tricky, but let’s do it.

7:50 I’ve never put my wakeboard on like this.

7:78 So, who is behind this idea? Did you get a permission?

Well, this is sort of a half-guerilla action…Can we get of  with a warning?


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