HelpCookie – Spring 2013


This year for the 8th time in Hungary gastro blogger parents will join to help the children in need!

How does this happen?

30 gasztro blogger moms/dads have prepared 30 deserts, they are posting them today (April 5) on their respective blogs with the Helping cookie logo. At the same time these deserts are also showing up on the HelpCookie auction site. The auction lasts for 3 days and will be closed on Monday, April 8th at 4 PM.

This year the amount collected during the auction will be used to support The Hungarian Foundation for Paediatric Emergency Care who are in urgent need of a new emergency car.

Both private and company offers are accepted, 3 deserts are in the company selection and other 27 in the private section (you will see the price difference immediately).
Oh, highest bidders will, in agreement with the given blogger, get FRESHLY baked deserts, not the ones from the photo.
Even if you are not bidding, please spread a word!
Also, leave a comment here with your favorite desert from the auction, we’ll try to get the recipe after the auction is over!


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