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Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with Gabi and Vali of XTHISMO

gabi & vali

Left: Vali, Right: Gabi

I’ve known Gabi and Vali since about 100 years ago, when I still lived at night and slept during the day, and weekends in Budapest lasted for 5 days. Fashion and bag designer duo from originally from Novi Sad, Serbia, sisters inspired by moments and impulses of everyday life, people, nature, architecture, music or anything that manages to impress them, some of which goes into their Xthismo fashion brand the rest ends up on pages of their Wishmag. I am especially fond of Vali’s new line of multifunctional cycling bags Flying People. And they both love Croatian coast, I love that they do! But then again, who doesn’t?

  1. Describe your dream summer holiday!

Valeria: Primarily somewhere at the seaside, or sea-sailing, but I would also love a kind of road trip through original Mediterranean towns…

Gabriella: Of course seaside, seaside, seaside! This is the most cathartic period for me during the year, a real rebirth.


  1. Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

Valeria & Gabriela: Both of us in Croatia! Actually, somehow we live our dream when we are at the seaside which is a kind of “must” for both of us when it comes to summer, it provides a special atmosphere and real refreshment. It’s like charging the soul battery.

In the past few years we mostly spent our holidays on the Dalmatian islands like Vis, Hvar, Korčula, Pelješac….


Hvar, Croatia

  1. Do you cook or eat out?

Valeria: Mostly cooking, then I can experiment with foods and bring some new flavors into it. But sometimes it’s just about eating good pizza somewhere.
Gabriela: Cooking in the first place. I love to play with different spices and tastes, so through this I bring my own ideas into the cuisine too 😉

  1. Fav summer food?

Valeria: All kind of fresh salads, tomato, grill foods, summer fruits, and of course potatoes forever 🙂

Gabriella: Vegan grill specialties, roasted tomato, watermelon, blackberry, and potatoes as always.

  1. Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

Valeria: My life was too much about partying before, so now I’m more addicted to relaxed chatting & drinking with my friends, cycling, or reading and enjoying my time at home in peace… Nowadays I rather choose the “quiet” side of life.

Gabriella: Recently I choose to relax and escape from the harsh weekdays. Now mostly I choose personal relationship with people in private atmosphere. Calmness is more important for me now.


Lastovo, Croatia

  1. How about festivals?

Valeria: I rarely go to festivals nowadays, only if there is a special band or group I would like to see…

Gabriela:  Sometimes… I try to select strictly where I go J

  1. What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Valeria: I would say glass of red wine or cold beer in pleasant summer evenings (Ice cream is put off from my list recently J)

Gabriela: Hot summer night relaxing with good cold beer…of course in good company

  1. Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

Valeria: I enjoyed all ones in its own way, I can’t pick only one, but I loved mostly my holidays spent on the islands of Croatia, or even the teenage round-trip vacations with my family.

Gabriela: All the holidays in its own way, if it was relaxed or eventful, seaside or not…


Korčula, Croatia


Viganj, Croatia


Fisherman at Jelsa – Hvar, Croatia

Favorite summer spot in Budapest?

Valeria: Budapest is a great city with its versatility, mostly in spring & summertime when you have everything from the vibrant inner city through the Danube riverside to the peaceful Buda-hills around, depending what you are searching for, it can provide much pleasure.  Budapest has even a bit of Mediterranean atmosphere with its streets, tons of open-air bars & moody cafes…I love it all J

Gabriela: Lively inner city with small atmospheric terrace cafes, refreshing green hills around the city, Pálvölgy and of course any location near the river.

  1. Cocktail or lemonade?

Valeria: Primarily lemonade.

Gabriela: Than lemonade with mint.


About the author

Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

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