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Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with Ivona and Marina, editors of do!ts magazine

Ivona and Marina are owners and editors of a Croatian do!ts magazine –  DIY magazine (currently only available in Croatian, but worth to browse through for the photos if you don’t speak the language). They live in Zagreb and like to spend their days working simultaneously on at least 5 different DIY projects. They’ve recently we opened a craft studio in the city center Dve Cvoke where they hang out with other crafty people and are proud to help out fellow crafters who are about to start a new biz from their hobby with our new workshop ‘Hobby2Biz’.

As an avid DIYer and a creative soul I like to think I am, I keep on dreaming one of my projects one day will end up in do!ts, so I am extremely happy to at least be talking to these two ladies about their less-busy days of the year. And they are funny!

Ivona & Marina

Ivona & Marina

 Describe your dream summer holiday!

Marina: Chillaxing on a sandy beach in the shade of a palm tree while someone keeps bringing me fruity icy cocktails. When I get bored, I can take a little walk by the sea and collect thousands of sea shells, sea glass, beautiful pebbles and completely white washed tree branches.

Ivona:  I’m right there with Marina. Minus the thousand sea shells, I already got those.


  1. Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

Ivona: Wherever the road and opportunity takes me! One year it’s a small and deserted island and Robinson Crusoe conditions and then the next I’m exploring wonderful sights in the heart of Istria. Of course, some summers I spend working in Zagreb.

Marina:  Past few years my boyfriend and I were traveling along the Croatian coast. From one place to another, from one island to the other. I want to know my country before I go to the other countries.  This summer  we spent whole 14 days by the sea, on an island Vis. Swimming, sunbathing and relaxing one day, and then walking or cycling the other day. Perfect balance of lazy and active holiday.

Buzet, Istria-Croatia


  1. Do you cook or eat out?

Ivona: During the summer it’s a healthy mix of both. I like trying out new cuisine, especially something I wouldn’t dare to make myself. Like steak tartare!

Marina: We mix. If we find a nice place with good food and reasonable prices, than we eat out, if not, then we cook and live on canned tuna J

  1. Fav summer food?

Ivona: Um, ice – cream? J I like eating in general so it’s very hard to single something out but if I had to I’d go with smoked cheese, prosciutto, salty anchovies, melon and cherry tomatoes.

Marina: Chicken salad – cut chicken in little pieces and grill it. Cut tomatoes, paprika and cucumber, add grilled chicken pieces. Little salt, mayo, pepper to taste and voila – you’re done. Super easy to make and very tasty. You can also eat it cold so it’s perfect for summer time.

  1. Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

Ivona: I’m having a party while reading. Sort of. J

Marina: Yeah, that other thingy. Nothing better to do on the beach than let your imagination follow the paths of the main character in some crime novel.


  1. How about festivals?

Ivona: Not a big fan of music festivals but I really like movie festivals like the one in Motovun.

Marina: Love going, but very little time and money to go to more of them.

  1. What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Ivona: Sleeping on the beach. Sometimes I even snore. True story. J

Marina: Crime novels J

IMG_1440 IMG_1743

  1. Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

Ivona: I know it’s cheesy but every summer holiday and every place I’ve visited was special in it’s own way so I really can’t say, sorry.

Marina: Camp in Orašac, near Dubrovnik. It was our first summer holiday together (my partner and me), we had very little money so we borrowed a tent and went to a little camp in a little town and just had a lovely time together :starryeyes:


  1. Favorite summer spot in Zagreb?

Ivona: The terrace of Bacchus jazz bar – it’s a beautiful stone yard with lots of shade and plants, old and retro chairs, lovely and relaxed people, perfect place to sip cool beer in the evening or Teranino which is a brandy made from wine. Oh, and don’t forget about the jazz backdrop. J

Marina:  Zrinjevac park in the center of Zagreb – perfect place to hide in the shade or sunbathe near the fountains. Lots of young people just sitting on the grass, watching people passing by…

  1. Cocktail or lemonade?

Ivona: Cocktail, please. Hold the lemonade.

Marina: Cocktail with lemonade J + orange juice + champagne + amaretto , mixed not stirred





About the author

Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

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