Miss Jamaica 2013 is Hungarian


I bet this is not the face you would expect to see behind the name Gina Hargitay. But this is her, she is the new Miss Jamaica!

Born to the Jamaican mother and a Hungarian father Gina is proud both of her Jamaican heritage and her European roots.

Here is her latest facebook status:

Hey guys,

I don’t think the sheer significance of becoming Miss Jamaica has fully sunk in yet! How can it?
Being approached by so many people while out and about today telling me of their support, congratulating me and even giving hugs, has been immensely humbling and surreal. I also have a crown that I can wear anytime. An actual crown!
Anyhow, I am sure this will all hit me tonight as, after a hectic day of radio interviews, including one at Irie FM, meet and greets at Secret Resorts… I’m back home in Ochi.
Nothing centres me quite like spending some quality time with my family and my little dog, Minnie. I’m lapping up this quiet time as tomorrow I’m doing a radio interview at 8am and it’s all go from there. But bring it on!
I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who have supported me this far and hope you continue to do so. The advice and well wishes have been overwhelming, and I will be forever grateful.

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Gina x



Go Gina!

Do you think she’s in any way related to Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia from Law?

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