Redmintshop – the first Eastern European designer online selling platform –  ready to sell internationally

There is a buzz of excitement in the air of the former Eastern European block countries’ fashion, as designers and labels are starting to find their momentum in expanding globally.

It is helped a great deal by current online shopping revolution spreading fast across the world.

REDMINTSHOP.COM, launched in December 2012 is the forerunner of such selling platforms representing hot, up-and coming designers exclusively from Eastern Europe as it takes pride in being the first of its kind.

It is aimed at the fashion savvy and stylish international buyers offering them unique, quality fashion designs in both womens and menswear.


REDMINT team is passionate about bringing the best of the Eastern European fashion design to the rest of the world while challenging stereotypes of the Eastern Europeans lacking fashion sense.


The truth is that almost a quarter of the century after the fall of communism, younger generations from the former Eastern Block had enough opportunities to transform their clothing habits, polish their taste and reclaim their style. Eastern European cities like Budapest, Prague, Krakow were centers of great culture and the arts before the Second World War and one just has to take a look at the magnificent old architecture of these places to imagine that their fashion was equally luscious, closely following Paris.Things changed drastically with communism and its ideology controlling, censoring and suppressing the freedom of creativity. The first and biggest casualty of this was fashion.

Today however there is a new army of Eastern European fashion designers that demonstrate skillfulness, craftsmanship and above all innovation, ready to take their place on the global fashion stage.




REDMINT is committed to these designers offering them a great opportunity to promote and sell their work as well as to establish a conversation with the buyers and fashion lovers as REDMINT’s aim is to expand into a fashion social media platform, similarly to what Asos achieved in the UK.

They are also on the hunt for hot, new fashion designers so if you are a designer or would like to spice up your wardrobe with something different and exotic, make sure you check out this site: REDMINTSHOP.COM

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Viktoria Knoblauh

Viktoria Knoblauh is a Hungarian-Croatian actress, singer and performance artist who lives in London but is originally from Vojvodina(Serbia), ex-Yugoslavia. In order to creatively channel her ever increasing information hoarding tendencies, she engages herself in writing articles about art, culture and fashion. Viktoria holds a degree in English from Joszef Attila University (Szeged , Hungary) as well as European Contemporary Theatre Arts and Performance from Rose Bruford Drama School , London. She also studied visual theatre and puppetry at Institute Del Theatro, Barcelona and at Lecoq physical theatre method based London International School of Performing Arts .In the past she worked in a wide range of different jobs including 5 years of interpreting in psychotherapy for rehabilitation of torture victims from war (UNHCR and Cordelia Foundation).

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