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Next week: Fezen festival


FEZEN festival in Székesfehérvár will start next week, on the last day of July. After trying to mimic large festivals (like Sziget), this year Fezen seems to return to its roots: its main focus will be rock/metal and alternative music and it will feature many Hungarian bands.

Some of these bands are regulars at festivals like Subscribe, PASO, Road, Paddy & The Rats, Blind Myself, Tankcsapda, Kiscsillag and many more. But this year’s Fezen will also feature 7 unknown bands who were given the chance to play at the festival after being voted the best in an event this May. Winner The Talking Horse will play between Moonspell and Tankcsapda on Thursday night. There will be great cover bands too:

  • AB/CD (AC/DC)
  • Heavy Walkerz (Metallica, Manowar, etc.)
  • Hollywood Rose (Guns N’ Roses)
  • Nickelblack (Nickelback)
  • Red Religion (Bad Religion)
  • Subscribe plays Rage against the machine
  • Timebomb (Rancid cover band)

The biggest international band at this year’s Fezen is without a doubt Deep Purple. They are currently touring with their latest album Now What?! but they will certainly play their old classics like Smoke on the Water or Into The Fire. A cool little companion to the concert will be an exhibition in the Hiemer-ház (Székesfehérvár city center), August 1-3. The fan collection includes lots of posters, rare vinyls, CDs and various autographed items. Go any time between 10 and 18, and it’s free!

The other headliners are mostly metal bands: Amorphis, Dragon Force, Moonspell and Fear Factory. But they will be here too:

The band is Mexican Tito & the Tarantula. I don’t know if Salma Hayek is going to come, but one can always hope.

Székesfehérvár is one of the oldest and most important cities of Hungary. To encourage peope coming to Fezen to visit the city as well, the organizers will be running an event called “Fezen tour”. If you go to certain places in the city (e.g. the Deep Purple exhibition mentioned before) you will get stamps in a booklet you get with your ticket. In return for these stamps you will get various presents at the festival. The idea is certainly great, but no detailed info is available yet. There will be an interview with the main organizer in the radio tomorrow, I’ll update this post if I hear anything interesting.

See the complete line-up and other info on the official site.

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