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In October 2012. I wrote this on my blog: “We only need to sleep twice more, and on Thursday morning first Hungarian Children’s pop up store will open its doors. Don’t bee fulled by this door. In a beautiful, contemporary but at the same time warm and inviting space, super nice ladies of Projekt Showroom collected for you the best of the best from Hungarian kids design. And don’t be put of by the word design! It is not only for deep pockets. There is something for everyone, and cheap or expensive, it is all quality stuff carefully handpicked for you. From textile dolls and board games to clothes and baby carriers, the selection is overwhelming.”

This is the door I am talking about:


Behind this door is the permanent pop-up store in Budapest, Hajos u. 41. This permanent pop-up store opens periodically and temporarily for about a week, and carries selected items according to the theme at that particular time. So, after Children’s pop up store that showcased Hungarian designers for kids, there was a Cristmas pop-up store in December, followed by a Vintage Furniture pop-up store in February. Every pop-up store is a different story, with completely transformed interior and new selection altogether.

In only a week Projekt Showroom #4 is opening, this time with Designer Fashion store.


Selected Hungarian designers prepared limited edition mini woman’s collections just for this occasion. But, you can also choose from Je Suis Belle, Sármán Nóra, The Four, Kele Clothing, Tomcsányi Dóri and Szegedi Kata 2013 SS capsule collection or some of the best Nanushka earlier pieces.

Shopping at Projekt Showroom is that is is not just shopping, it is a happening! Ok, I know, I am a mom, I don’t get out much, but trust me when I say it, the two ladies feel very passionately about each and every product they selected and if you have no idea what you are looking for, they will help you find out. You can also count on zero snobbery oh-so-typical of designer boutiques and go enjoy yourselves.

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