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Small space gardening with Twool and Walligami from Croatia

Spring is knocking on our doors, it will soon be time to start preparing your gardens. If you live in the city, like I do, you might not have too much space for gardening. Vertical gardens have become a hit during the last few years, because space is less and less while luckily, the need for gardens and greenery around us is growing.

With that in mind Maja Jandrić, industrial design student at School of Design in Zagreb designed this multifunctional tool for balcony and indoor gardening. This two piece kit performs four basic functions: trowel, dibber, rake and fork and is adapted by size and function to plants grown in jars.

twool 3 twool for gardening twool gardening twool twool2

This unusual organic form is a kind of homage to all improvised tools that people use in small gardens and as such leaves for the user to decide how to use it. To make this possible, the tool’s grip is ergonomically designed so it fits the hand how ever you turn it. It’s concave-convex shape allows the assembly of the two tools which makes storing easier.

Plants have multiple effect on our lives like reducing airborne bacteria and removing toxic chemicals from the air, not to mention producing oxygen and reducing stress, which everyone needs nowadays. If you are unsure about the plants you should get check out the True Activist recommendation for the best air purifying plants. Along with the space problem many of us have a ‘I kill my plants problem’ too, which is usually caused by over watering. Croatian brand Walligami now offers a great alternative to hard sided pots and planters. Inspired by origami, Walligami is made of soft fabrics and it’s soil pocket is 100% waterproof but still breathable. It also has an innovative watering indicator in the shape of a watering can, which is basically only visible when the soil is dry and your plant needs a drink.

walligami walligami-gallery-6 walligami-gallery-8 walligami

So, no excuses now! Buy Walligami now! It is available in two sizes at the moment. Plant those plants and go vertical!

Tell us, what are your gardening plans for this spring?


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