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Sziget 2013 – Island of Freedom

One of the big three remains: Sziget festival itself. After extremely succesful VOLT and Balatonsound, Sziget festival will be 5-12 August at the usual place.

This year, Sziget festival’s slogan is that it is a separate country. This „Island of Freedom” is a „democratic republic without a leader, where every member of the society, either aboriginal or immigrant, has the same rights and commitments”. Its people is called Szitizens. And the country has a currency: you can only pay with special cards, no cash allowed!

To become a Szitizen, buy tickets here:


Another prominent PR saying is that Sziget is not just about music. Do you want to watch a play or a movie? Interested in stand-up comedy, circus or yoga? You can do them all at Sziget festival and more…The latest news on the festival’s website is about the Yeni Raki Roma tent, the return of the Holland meets Hungary stage, Budapest spas and a new space training base venue. Yet if you look at the program, there are still two TBA slots on main stage (!), on Saturday from 19:30 and on Sunday from 17:45. OK, Sziget is not just about music, but only 17 days remain until the festival starts.

We haven’t reported yet that Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will play Sziget! Read our article about their concert at Exit Festival as an appetizer. The Sziget concert will be on August 7th, 21:30. Other big names include Blur and Franz Ferdinand.

In this post we announced The Gaslight Anthem. However, the sad thing is that they won’t come. You can’t tell that by looking at, because they haven’t announced it yet. (And I don’t know if they will.) Even the band’s official page lists Sziget, but they confirmed the cancellation on twitter. The reasons are unknown, and the question is who will play the two TBA slots at the main stage? The last news about this is a facebook reply on July 14, stating „We are going to announce new names soon”. I fear that the two TBAs won’t be big names, but I hope I’m wrong. In any case keep checking the program.

According to this article the tickets don’t sell as good as last year. In the meantime, Sziget Kulturális Szervezőiroda (organizers of VOLT, Balatonsound and Sziget) has announced that they are going to organize a Ukranian Sziget festival in Kiev next year. The recipe is the same: you can camp at the site and line-up is going to include international as well as Ukranian stars – hopefully announced earlier than the Sziget performers. It seems to me that Sziget organizers may start having their fingers in too many pies. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Or vote about this year’s lineup here.


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