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Souvenir Windowshopping: Folqa, Hungary

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It’s been a while since we did a souvenir post so allow me to compensate now, with Folqa. Funny little figures representing Hungarian regions, old professions and folk motifs. They represent tradition in a contemporary way, which is what most of us want in a souvenir nowadays, right? Humorous quality figurine with Hungarian mustache, which will make you smile and remember the good times you had in Hungary. We’d sure love to see where Ben Afleck is keeping his little fella, as I know he go one while in Budapest not so long ago. Folqa figurines are available just about everywhere you can get souvenirs, starting from traditional souvenir shops, to independent design shops – that is how great they are.

Heni Juhász-Váczi, founder of Folqa with her Betyárs

Heni Juhász-Váczi, founder of Folqa with her Betyárs

I am not sure if you know already, but next week we have a Design Week coming up in Budapest, as part of that in honor of it’s 2nd birthday Folqa is having a design competition gong on at the moment. There are still 2 days left to enter, just download your tepmplates here: jpg, pdf, ai and doodle away, just make sure you send them to by midnight September 20. Best works will be displayed on the 2-day exhibition (September 28-29) at Fian concept store.  Visitors can also paint their own Folqa figures. The exhibition will be free of charge, while Folqa figure painting will cost 500 Ft/figure. The income of the workshop is offered to the Őrzők Public Foundation for the Cancerous and Leukemic Children of Tűzoltó Utca.

Folqa gettogether

Folqa gettogether

FolqaKitchen FolqaKitchen2

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