Spotted in Čakovec: Happy

Happy people of Čakovec, Croatia, sharing positivity on Saturday dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy. All generations dancing togethe in this flash-mob type of thingie arranged thru a facebook group ČAKOVČANKE I ČAKOVČANCI.

Čakovec (pronounced [t͡ʃâkɔ̝v̞et͡s]) (other names Csáktornya, Aquama and Tschakathurn) is a city in northern Croatia, located around 90 kilometres (56 miles) north of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Čakovec is both the county seat and the largest city of Međimurje County, the northernmost, smallest and most densely populated Croatian county. (source)

It is also beautiful, cool and HAPPY!

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Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

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