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Stone figures made by Satan – Devil’s town, Serbia

Devil’s town (Đavolja varoš) might have a scary name but this place is everything but that. This collection of uniquely shaped rocks won’t frighten you but it will take your breath away. Located in south Serbia, near Kuršumlija, Devil’s town became famous after National Geographic Traveller catalogued it as one of 77 of the planet’s most jaw-dropping sights.

Djavolja Varos (2)

There are 202 stone towers of peculiar shape created by thousands of years of erosion. They are between 2 and 15 meters tall and all have stone caps made of andesithe that weighs as much as 100kg that protect them from further erosion.

Djavolja varos

Scientific explanation of this natural phenomenon is fascinating but a place like this is also great inspiration for legends. The most famous one tells a story of brother and sister who listened to the Devil and decided to get married. One fairy tried to stop them from committing such a sin but without success. On the day of the wedding she was crying and watching them and all their guests. She prayed to God to do something about it. Her prayers had been answered and everyone at the wedding had turned into stones.


Rocks are not the only natural phenomenon at this location. There are also two springs of extremely acid water – Devil’s water. It has pH of 1.5 and contains 1000 times more minerals than normal drinking water.

RedWell Devils town

The only problem you might have if you decide to visit this magical nature’s creation is how to get there. It’s hard to believe but even though Devil’s town attracts more than 50 thousand tourist from all over the world every year, there is no buses going there. This is an absolute off the beaten track location, options are private car or local busby road 80km from Niš on the road Niš – Priština (or 8 km from turning to Prolom Spa), turn left to Dobri Do village. After 6 km turn left again in village of Zebice, proceed 3km by new road to the very entrance to Protected Area of Nature Monument Đavolja Varoš.

Devils town4


When you are there don’t forget to stop by the Church of Sv Petka (Saint Parascheva of the Balkans).

Wishes at Devils Town

It is either your wish or your problem you need to write down and tie to a stick. Nobody was able to tell us, so if you find out, do let us know!


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