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Interview with DJ Marmat, the man behind Loveweek Festival, ZRćE BEACH, 27.7. – 3.8.


What is the idea behind Loveweek festival?

M: We got an idea from last year when we were doing boat parties with an 8 hour trip to the Park of Nature Telašćica. Then we said, hey why don’t we do this but also include it in a nice festival? An idea was born, the rest was just how to put it all together.

So, you managed to make it into a festival?

M: Yes, we did. We chose a great location- famous Zrće beach on Pag Island, Croatia, dubbed ‘The new Ibiza’ and then in cooperation with DJ MAG and their acts we put together a line up that consists of our acts which are more underground and theirs which are more on the commercial side. We like to combine underground with a touch of mainstream, if it is quality, and this one is.

What are the highlights of you festival? DJ names?

M: The main event is held on a Starboard ship that takes you from Zrće to Nature Park Telašćica . On the two floors you’ve got 14 top DJs spinning strictly underground music. All this accompanied with great food and refreshments makes a great sea voyage that lasts for the whole day. Also when on land we have two clubs – Aquarius and Papaya and some of the biggest DJ names that go with them – Hardwell, Tube&Berger, Dirty Disco Youth…just to name a few.

Why is your festival different from any other on Zrće beach?

M: What makes it different is Starboard ship cruise to Nature Park Telašćica, then a unique combination of underground and more commercial music, and of course not to forget beautiful people that come 🙂

LoveWeek3 LoveWeek2 LoveWeek

Where can we get more info?

M: All the info you need you can find on www.loveweekfestival.com or at our FB fan page loveweekfestival

And finally, is it expensive?

M: Well, not really, especially if you buy only the festival ticket (accommodation not included, and main event not included) then you pay just 119EUR for 7 days instead of 200 if you buy tickets at the doors.

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