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Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with Ioana Negulescu

In this episode of Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview Series I bring to you Ioana Negulescu, the  Happyholic graphic ”designerd” from Bucharest, with butterflies in her stomach and passion for copy writing. You might know Ioanna already, from our post about rebranding Romania!


Here is what she had to say about her summers:

  1. Describe your dream summer holiday!

My dream summer holiday is definitely on some wild beaches probably in Greece. But any other destination that has wild beaches, clear water and white sand can fit in my dream summer holiday.



  1. Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

I usually spend my summer holidays in Greece – one or two weeks of silence, reading and relaxation. And during the weekends I go to Vama Veche to party – that’s one place you would not be able to find anywhere in the world, and it’s right here, in Romania!


Vama Veche beach


Best star gazing in the world – Vama Veche, Romania

  1. Do you cook or eat out?

Eating out always seems to be the perfect option – who doesn’t enjoy some fresh fish. Plus, the sun usually makes you tired, and who would feel like cooking then?

  1. Fav summer food?

Most definitely fresh fish, sea food and salads. That’s the time of year when I become a fish vegetarian.

  1. Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

I think it is good to balance them both – a place for parties, a place to relax and catch up with reading, some sporty activities and sleeping early or stargazing late at night.

  1. How about festivals?

Yes! Yes! Yes! They feel amazing and leave some amazing memories.

  1. What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Too much partying probably… otherwise it is the healthiest time of the year – healthy food, tons of exercise…

  1. Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

Hmm… it’s hard to describe it in just a few words – it was a 2 months holiday – 10 days in Greece in a really nice village called Vourvourou, and pretty much going out twice a week (in Bucharest) and taking every single weekend to go to Vama Veche or Sinaia with friends.

Sinaia (1)


  1. Favorite summer spot in Bucharest?

J’ai Bistro – a cute terrace with wooden tables under lots of trees, some jazz music and nice wine. An absolute recommendation when in Bucharest. Plus it’s in the city center, which makes it easy if you want to go some place else to dance for a bit.

  1. Cocktail or lemonade?

There is no doubt in that – cocktails in the evening, or wine and champagne I would say, in my case. Lemonade in the morning to get some energy and beat off the hangover (which happens… sometimes…)

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