Thank you, Budapest

I love to travel. Exploring, meeting new people, or just going for the heck of it. It is tough for me not to and it is usually never enough. After a 3 week vacation I was just on in Croatia, I can safely say I did NOT have enough. I was neither bored, nor home-sick. I was just fine where I was, with the sea, fish and crickets.


it is always nice to come back to Budapest (most visited capital in Eastern Europe btw)! I am telling you, however sad and annoyed I am, any time my weekends/vacations/travels end that I have to go back, I see the lights of Budapest bridges and I am fine. I smile. Really, I do..even after almost 20 years of coming back, I smile every time I do.

Budapest Cityscape at Night

So, Köszönöm Budapest, for being my home!

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Petra Tkalcec

Petra is a Co-founder and Executive Editor of EastOK Europe. She is a Croatian living in Budapest with her Serbian husband, two sons and an English bulldog.

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