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Test drive of Tesla, Model S, Performance version

I did a test drive of Tesla car, Model S – beefed up, all gadgets inside! In short: yeah, this is it, the future is here. I am driving a Chevy Camaro SS, with 425 horsepower while here in the US. Tesla I drove has “only” 415 horsepower on paper. However, Tesla felt, and is, much more powerful than Camaro. The torque is constant – from standing point up to [undisclosed speed] I took it there was this constant surge of immense power. And there are no gears, just continuous delivery of raw power. It does not matter if you are stationary, or already driving at speed, as soon as you floor it – wham. I mean, look, I was torturing Camaro for a few days now, I am accustomed to the feeling of acceleration which this 6.2L V8 beast has, but when I floored this, the only words that came out of my mouth were “wow” followed by an evil grin on the face.

Everything about the car is insanely good. Driving, technology, controls from huge touchscreen, interior is really nice as well. You can set up everything about the car, even if you would like it to behave like automatic (so starting to drive as soon as you release brake) or as manual (not going anywhere until you press accelerator, and “falling” back on climbs). Tesla is, of course, silent. There is basically no noise other than wheels contacting the ground and wind. One awkward thing, usually when I speed up, especially in city driving, I take my foot off accelerator and let car just glide for a while. In Tesla, when you take the foot of accelerator, the regenerative braking starts and the car slows down quickly. This can be set up as well through car’s interface, but cannot be totally removed. Basically, there is no glide mode, you have to press the pedal for car to go, as soon as you release the car slows down as it regenerates battery.

Overall, everything about this car is incredible. I understand now why Consumer Reports gave it “The Best Car Ever” medal. There is no doubt, this is the future.

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