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Losing a PARK for a PARKing

Zagreb is in headlines, and not for a good thing! Resolution has been brought by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning is to put down the DIY pool sculpture. This skateable piece of art was designed by Sergej Vutuc and built by the skaters themselves back in 2007 as part of “Art of Asfalt” project. ” Under this title 4 exhibitions went down: in Student Centre in Zagreb (Croatia) where beside the classical exhibition format a big concrete sculpture was build, that fused together different perspectives that present a new step in the development of urban communication and its application to the street, but at the end also gave skateboarders a chance to perform tricks on it, and with that they gave it another meaning.”- Sergej Vutuc


Read more about the meaning of the sculpture on Kristijan Smok’s blog!

Now, I am not particularly interested in skating myself. To be honest, I am sometime downright annoyed by their whooshing through my street in the middle of the night, waking my dog and then consequently the whole neighborhood. However, I am very much into giving back public spaces to people and into promoting urban culture. The tendency everywhere in Europe is now to move the cars out of the city, and people IN or PUT on the streets. Right? So what are you doing Zagreb tearing down the object that put you on the skateboarding maps? And for what? Another PARK-ing?


Shame on you!

Place where art dies

Zagreb, a place where art dies

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All images in this post are by Kristijan Smok

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