Idol of the X-Factor Voice of Eastern Europe

X-Factor Voice Idol of Eastern Europe

Every time I think of these singing competitions, the “Ken Lee” girl from Bulgaria pops into my mind. Her funny performance has made an impact that I can’t really forget. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you’re either too young or live too far away, so here is a Youtube Video of that legendary performance seen around 5 Million times (don’t worry, this one has English subs).

I have seen that performance several times, and I can still laugh. But then I thought, ok, this is what we always like to do – watch other people make a fool out of themselves – and this is not, I repeat not an “Eastern” thing. This is a people thing. We all know that talent Shows always start with a dozen of carefully selected losers who, to be honest, should rather just stay home. Sparing them some embarrassment, and sparing us the uncomfortable feeling when you have nowhere to hide, or you can’t cover your ears. But does it really have to be so bad?

I did a little digging about The Voice and Idol and the X-Factor shows in the last couple of years in Eastern Europe, and I must say, several times I was pleasantly surprised. We Europeans actually do have a great voice. We know how to sing and we do it with passion. Problem is, each country here has its own show so the number of people competing and the target audience is pretty small. Which makes me think that the competition is not so tough as for example in our overseas friends in the US of A. But are they good? Bad? Well, you can decide for yourself.

On the funny side: in Serbian version of this competition called “Prvi glas Srbije” currently in its 2nd season – which I am not quite sure what franchise to put it in (I can imagine they invented their own, just so that they don’t have to pay the huge fees to owners), anyway, in this competition if you suck, the Earth Opens Beneath You! Literally! The video below shows it. Its about one of the judges showing a scary contestant that there is nothing to actually be scarred of, but still. This thing is actually pretty scary.

As it turns out, if we leave no stone unturned, from time to time there is a gem underneath. Like this performance from Nevena Božović from Serbia. I couldn’t say if she’s the best right now or if she will actually win – probably not (Serbian finale is couple of days from the time I am writing this post), and there might be some nervousnes issues but this girl can sing. Just to keep it between us, here is her version of “Ken Lee”:

Btw. guys, I have no idea what’s with all that hands movement in Serbian singers, probably a genetic thing (if you check all contestants do that). I mean, I have seen it before with other Divas but in Serbia it seems to be a part of any song.

Lets move on. I really liked this performance from Damian Ukeje, the winner of “The Voice of Poland“. He’s a rock guy and thats is why I was fond of him. Check out how he turned a James Bond song by Alica Keys and Jack White into something craaaazy:

In Hungary, Radics Gigi who won the Hungarian “Megasztár” (version of Idol) already shot her first video. In Hollywood, baby. Not bad for a girl who at that time didn’t speak English at all (!) :

All in all, some pretty good singers come out of these shows, these were some of my picks. I admit, I am more keen to listen to music than to watch it, so the Show part of the show itself is never enough for me. And yes, this is purely subjective, I am not trying to force my judgement, I am no Mozart. Luckily I am no Beethoven either!

But this last one was my absolute favourite, the Romanian singer Julie Mayaya who won their competition  “Vocea Romaniei” on December 26th, 2012. Doesn’t get better than this, ladies and gentleman:

That one left me speechless!

So what do you think of all these shows? Comment below, and like if you like it.

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