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Top 10 Iconic Destinations in Europe

Europe has fascinated travelers from all around the world. Cities of Europe has their own character owing to their history and culture. For travelers here are the iconic destination of Europe.

1. Prague 

Prague, they say is the most beautiful city in the world, a UNESCO listed, a city of hundred spires, would be the one city you must know it in person. Gothic architecture takes visitors of all ages in to a fairy tale. Prague is the most economical of other cities in European continent.

2. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam may carry wrong notions about use of drugs and Red Light District but you must not judge a book by its cover. One bicycle ride along the canals will change your perception and eat the staple French fries at so called notorious coffee shops. However, there are notable architectural attractions like Van Gogh Museum.

3. London 

Once known as the capital of the world, now attracts one of the highest number of visitors. Unlimited historic sites and attractions are enough to keep you hooked. With every visit, you will discover something new. Visit the local pubs and eat famous fish n chips.

4. Florence 

A city that inspired artists for centuries and still the architecture looks the same as in 14th century. Florence has renowned museums containing masterpieces of artists like Michelangelo. In addition, get the taste of classic European cuisine.

5. Lisbon 

Lisbon lures tourists with its hills, alleyways, and limestone buildings. Though modern, city radiates aura of old world mystery. The old world can experienced with in the nearby village life. Visitors can enjoy leisure time at the beach and also learn few things at museums and cathedral.

6. Budapest 

There is nothing like going to nightclubs in Budapest. However, culture, history and natural beauty are integral part of Budapest. Budapest serves as both commercial and political capital for Hungary. City is popular among the budget travels where eating and exploring is cheap.

7. Berlin 

Berlin boasts its cultural renaissance, which is perfectly visible in museums, fashion and nightclubs. It may seem city has forgotten its darkest past but remains of the past are major tourist attractions. Visitors can enjoy the abundant urban nightlife, dining, fashion and interesting history.

8. Barcelona 

Barcelona is wild city for adventurers, backpackers and culture lover. City radiates essence of youth but still it has preserved its culture and history in shape of scared churches and cathedrals. Impressive La Sagrada Familiar and many other architecture shout out the rich heritage of Barcelona. Leisure time can be spend at a lounge on beach sipping sangria.

9. Paris 

Romantic atmosphere, divine food and elegant art, all makes the heart of Paris. On the shores of River Seine lines the churches, museums and neoclassic architecture. Visiting Eiffel Tower will make your trip to Paris worth but simple food at old bistros would be an experience of lifetime.


10. Rome 

Rome, a playground of historians, offers visitors a piece of human history. A simple walk in the city will take you through the remains of great Roman Empire. Italian food in itself is destination for your soul. There are so many attraction that you would find difficult to manage your time.

Visiting these destinations is simple, there is no bar or laws barring anyone. All you need is proper documents to enter the country for example, you require visa to enter the country.

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