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Top 5 Badass Eastern European Villains in TV-Shows

Badass Eastern European TV Show Villains

Okay I have a confession to make. I’m a huge-huge Couch-Potato. I work in my couch, eat in it, and mostly, watch a lot of movies and TV-Shows from it. People say its the Highway to Hell of Obesity, Laziness and Stupidity: they say watching TV makes you stupid, because you could spend that time learning something useful, like, to saw or maybe learn latin or some other language you will never use, or learn something like Vertical Gardening (that’s a real thing). Yeah, like people became millionaires from learning latin and that kind of stuff. B.tch, please!

I just simply ignore them. Let them learn latin and I sit back and watch my shows from my couch on my badass TV. Here’s my TV:

LG 47CS570 47Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

Now would you rather watch THAT or learn latin?

Enough prologue, lets get down to business and see the best villains in TV Shows.

Eastern European Badass TV-Show Villains

I never understood why most of the villains in TV-Shows are Eastern European (or lately from Middle East), so I thought, I will make a list of the most badass villains you ever met on TV-Shows that were supposedly from Eastern Europe. I’m talking the characters that the (usually American) actors play, just so that we’re clear on that.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you didn’t watch the shows I am talking about, there are two things I urge you to do:

  • First of all, Skip To the End of (each) Page and buy the damn thing from Amazon (yeah, we will get some small commission out of it, so that we can pay our hosting plan, but it’s more like chewing-gum money, not really enough for hosting…)
  • Second, once you buy them, watch them because every show I mention here is just mindblowingly superb!

Without further ado, lets dive in!

Badass #5

Isaak Sirko from Dexter season 7

(played by Ray Stevenson)

It seems we live in an era when it is fun to love the bad guy. Who, Dexter? He bad? Well, duh. Its true that he’s sort of a Hero because he kills only other bad guys, but killing ain’t no good and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Ever.

Ok so Dexter is a killer but he is genuinely a good guy, family guy, loves his sister all that stuff. He also feels that justice has to be served on a daily basis by chopping up people and dumping them in the ocean somewhere near Miami Beach where the Gulf Stream would take them back to, well, I want to say Eastern Europe but I’m not that good in Geography (TV made me stupid). Hard to beat the cruelness of this guy right?

Ray Stevenson in DexterEnter Isaak Sirko, a perfectly dressed Ukrainian maffia boss of the Koshka Brothers, a ruthless killer with Cambridge education and perfect English accent, who gets shot, stabbed and beaten by rival gangs but still manages to single-handedly deal with (read: kill) at least 6 armed men in 3 minutes leaving a ton of blood behind. Man, he’s strong and ruthless, and that suit looked good on him too.

Oh, did I mention he was gay? All this killings just for love. Dexter killed his boyfriend at the beginning of Season 7 (for the real reason, you better watch the show). Not really good for Isaak. Little less he needed to jump on a plain, come to Miami and start dropping bodies all around him. And all that with style, I mean one moment he eats Russian caviar and drinks James Bondish champagne, next thing you know he kills a 300lb guy with his left hand. Totally Badass!

What gave him away: searching for closure with his dead boyfriend made him sloppy. Not even becoming friends with Dexter was enough to save him. He got shot and bled to death. Lucky, because I personally think he would have managed to kill Dexter just like that. In a minute. But oh, you see how love goes deep? In the end he just wants to be with his love again, asks Dexter to unite them. Oh well, ok, chop-chop, couple of saw movements, put in a black bag, off you go into the Golf Stream!

Why we love him: you just have to cheer for love. Even if its for another man. Even more so, if you knew that general approach to homosexuality in EE is well, “not-so-good”. He was also a classy killer, mean and crazy, but charismatic. Loved the accent too.

Badass rating: 8/10

You can get Dexter Season by Season from Amazon, or get the box set (looks great on the shelf) or if you’re lazy wait until Season 8 ends somewhere in 2014 I guess. Dexter Season 7 DVD comes out on May 14th 2013 you can pre-order it through this link:

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