Watch out for the Giant Eggs

In the little Lithuanian coastal town, Palanga, one whole street turns into an Easter Egg Alley during Easter period. Two-meter high and 1.5-meter-wide Easter eggs, decorated with authentic ethnic patterns can be found on Palanga’s main Basanavičius Street.

Croatian city of Koprivnica and County Tourist Authority started a project called “Easter Egg from the Heart” (Pisanica od srca) back in 2007. Since then giant eggs painted in the naive manner have traveled the world, from New York to Vatikan. Fourth year in a row COunty Tourist Authority organizes an open air exhibition of these giant works of art on Zrinski Square in Koprivnica. They can also be found in Zagreb in front of the Cathedral during Easter.

Finally, the largest Easter Egg in the world is Ukrainian Pysanka situated in Vegreville, Canada. It was constructed back in 1975 in honor of early Ukrainian settlements. The sculpture was designed by Paul Maxum Sembaliuk, a Canadian artist of Ukrainian origin. The Egg is basically a giant jigsaw puzzle (9 m long weighing 2.5 tons) and it turns with the wind.






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